Conveyancing and Property Law

Buying, selling and letting immovable property is a complex legal process involving many different parties.  Let our experience in this area make the process as hassle free as possible.  Our expertise encompasses opening Sectional Title Registers, subdivisions, partitions, servitudes and other notarial deeds, straightforward transfers to complex commercial developments and estate transfers.  We will deal with all the parties on your behalf and ensure that your interests are protected.  Our relationship with banks, estate agents and commercial property brokers means that we can facilitate the process so that there are no unnecessary delays.  We are fully computerised and electronically linked to the Banks and Deed Registries throughout South Africa.

Matrimonial and Family Law

Our experts provide advice on all aspects of family law, particularly issues relating to marriage, antenuptial contracts, divorce, custody, access, maintenance and adoption.  We understand that such matters are highly emotional and traumatic.  In every case, we endeavour to find a solution which protects the wellbeing of the children involved.  Our experience allows us to counsel the parties to see beyond their disputes and focus on the importance of providing a secure and happy future for all concerned.  Our experience also extends to adoptions, both local and international.  Assisting to bring a child into a new and loving family is one aspect of family law about which we are proud and committed.

Commercial Law

We will advise you on the necessary legal structures to put in place to ensure that your business interests are protected.   The professional staff at King-Essack & Associates Incorporated have the requisite skills and experience to advise on and draft a wide range of commercial agreements.  We approach matters with a view to solving problems and producing results in as quick a time frame as possible so that our clients can focus their efforts on their business.

Commercial legal services we provide include:

  • Drafting Agreements for the purchase and sale of businesses, companies and close corporations
  • The formation of Close Corporations and Companies
  • Structuring business transactions
  • Franchise agreements
  • Drafting partnership, joint venture and association agreements
  • The formation of business trusts and their administration
  • Empowerment transactions

Civil Litigation

When all reasonable attempts have failed to resolve a dispute and litigation is the only course available, we will prepare all the necessary documentation and guide you through the legal process until its finalisation.  Although many things can delay litigation we will strive to keep delays to a minimum by ensuring that the processes and procedures are followed timeously and correctly.  We represent clients in both the High Courts and Magistrates' Courts. 

Criminal Litigation

We represent clients in all matters relating to criminal law.  Where possible we negotiate with the prosecution and plea-bargain on behalf of our clients as well as having matters referred to alternative dispute resolution.  We also represent juvenile offenders and are particularly sensitive to their needs.

Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning

The death of a family member is a traumatic experience.  Having to wrestle with legal issues arising from a deceased estate only adds to the pain and suffering.  Having your affairs in order not only prevents a drawn out legal process but ensures that your family will be properly taken care of in the future.  We will advise on tax efficient structures which will allow the people you cherish to obtain the most benefit from your estate.  Estate planning doesn't just deal with personal effects.  If you are involved in a business, we will make sure that your Will provides for a smooth transition so that your business is not adversely affected in the event of your death. Our experience will give you the comfort of knowing that your family and business will be protected. 

Mediation and Arbitration

Our Attorneys are equipped with the necessary expertise to act as mediators between parties and assist parties to arrive at a mutually acceptable outcome.  This is often a cost effective method of resolving family disputes and often results in a win-win situation for all parties concerned.  Mediation is a helpful tool in reducing the areas of conflict between parties.  We also have the expertise to act as arbitrators and in this regard we act in complex property and contractual disputes.  Our offices are suitably equipped to conduct arbitrations.  Unlike litigating in the courts of law, which are costly and time consuming, arbitrations are a cost effective and expeditious means of resolving disputes between parties.

Labour Law

The complex legislation pertaining to labour law requires professional assistance.  We represent the interests of both employer and employee in all areas of labour law and also represent clients in CCMA arbitrations and Labour Court hearings.

Sports Law

We represent sports agents, professional sportsmen and women, including national rugby and soccer players.  We help enforce sporting contracts between players and their agents as well as players and their clubs. We have experience in negotiating with international sporting bodies, including FIFA, in the enforcement of international sporting contracts and also provide professional advice in the management of players financial affairs.