King-Essack & Associates Incorporated has strong ties to the community and provides assistance to many local charities in the form of donations or free legal services.  Where there is a worthy cause, the firm will undertake matters pro-bono where time and resources permit.

At King-Essack & Associates Incorporated, we believe that education forms the cornerstone of an independent and successful life.  We regularly donate surplus books and materials.

Charities and organisations supported:

  • Highway Hospice
  • St Giles Association for the handicapped
  • Children's Court
  • Highway Family Child and Welfare Society
  • Orient Old Boys
  • Blind Society of South Africa
  • The Haven Care Centre
  • Alzheimer's South Africa
  • Westville Senior Primary School
  • Pinetown Industrial Conservancy
  • The Highway Hospice Association
  • Institute For The Blind
  • Kloof and Highway SPCA