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We understand the legal requirements and take the following important points into consideration:​

  • You don't wish to prejudice your relationship and possible future orders with your client.

  • You are uncomfortable making collection phone calls nor understand the legal process involved.

  • You may feel guilty in pursuing legal action against a tenant/client.

  • You may be hesitant in spending additional money on legal fees.

Our experienced collections department adopts a tenacious and strict attitude to collect your debt quickly and effectively. Debtors often disregard letters of demand and phone calls from their creditors but it is a fact that being contacted by an attorney's office regarding outstanding debt has an immediate, positive impact. In our experience most debtors will settle their outstanding accounts at this point. Debtors realise the consequences of being handed over to attorneys and this often results in a payment plan without unnecessary legal expenses. With expert knowledge and access to credit bureaus we are ideally placed to trace elusive debtors and provide:

  • Personal contacting of each debtor with individual reporting.

  • Correspondence and emails to debtors with statements.

  • Collection of outstanding debt through legal processes.

  • Reconciliation of accounts inclusive of interest and legal costs.

  • Regular reporting to clients regarding the collection process.  


 56 Years of Accumulated Practice

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