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Practice Areas


Civil: when all reasonable attempts have failed to resolve a dispute and litigation is the only course available.

  • We prepare all the necessary documentation and guide you through the legal process until its finalisation.

  • We strive to keep delays to a minimum by ensuring that the processes and procedures are followed timorously and correctly. 

  • We represent clients in both the High Courts and Magistrates' Courts. 

Criminal: we represent clients in all matters relating to criminal law. 


  • We advise on the necessary legal structures to put in place to ensure you are protected.

  • We negotiate with the prosecution and plea-bargain on behalf of our clients as well as referring matters to alternative dispute resolution. 

  • We represent juvenile offenders and are particularly sensitive to their needs. 

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 56 Years of Accumulated Practice

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When litigation is the only course available we can represent you in all matters relating to the law.

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